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Tuesday, 18 June 2024 09:46
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Church of St. James

a Gothic building, built between 1309-1424 during the flourishing construction law. It was established as a parish church for the New Town of Torun. The only church in Torun of a basilica (two aisles by half lower than the nave, with a typical system for Western Europe, flying buttresses, hidden during the raising of the aisles in the fourteenth-fifteenth century. The chancel surrounded by sloping buttresses gives the impression of a polygonal closure. The unique atmosphere of the interior create a Gothic polychrome and vaults, mystical Tree of Life crucifix from the end of the fourteenth century. Renaissance authorities richly carved from the early seventeenth century. and rainbow arch, stalls and altars from the seventeenth and eighteenth century with the main altar was made in 1732. Part of the equipment comes from defunct Dominican church of St. Nicholas. The temple in the years 1557-1667 belonged to the Protestants, then to 1832. the Benedictine order. The size of the church: 53m length, width and chapels 29 m, height 20.5 m nave aisles 9,7m.

Church built very carefully with very good specially selected materials, eg. Polychromatycznych glazurowych bricks and bricks in yellow and green with the green and yellow create cornices various shades.


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