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Tuesday, 18 June 2024 09:01
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Teutonic Castle

one of the oldest Teutonic castles at Chelmno. Construction began in the mid-thirteenth century. On the site of the former fortified settlement. In the second half of the thirteenth century. Within the brick and stone walls erected peripheral main lock. The south wing was the chapel, refectory and the premises used by the monks to pray together, eating and sleeping. The eastern wing placed the meeting room - the chapter house. In the courtyard before the end of the thirteenth century. Erected a high octagonal tower with a dungeon prison, accessible only from the height of the wall, well and cloisters. From the east, the stream was built connected to the main buildings of the castle toilet. As the seat of the commander of the castle was strengthened and expanded throughout its existence. Below the castle was built on the adjacent hospital, mill and outbuildings on 7 February 1454. Burghers of Toruń besieged castle, giving the signal for an armed uprising against the onerous rulers throughout the state of the Teutonic Knights. Captured the next day, at the behest of the City Council was demolished and in its place is decorated dump. To this day, preserved only part of the moat and walls, the lower parts of the main castle and a toilet.

. An image showing the reconstruction of the Teutonic Castle Torun by Walter Ziegler. The painting comes from the District Museum in Torun


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